Apex 3.0 Release Notes



Apex 3.0 is a major revision of Apex that provides enhanced AI reasoning and autonomy services, a revamped graphical user interface (Sherpa), an improved interface for defining applications, and numerous other enhancements.

















AI Reasoning Services










(step (reach ?object with ?hand)) 
  (step (grasp ?object with ?hand) (waitfor  ?reach))



(procedure :sequential (pick up ?object with ?hand) ...)






Application support





Miscellaneous enhancements






Apex license information


Apex is built upon Allegro Common Lisp (R) produced by Franz, Inc. Franz requires users of Apex to accept its license agreement, which pertains primarily to the use of the Franz components of the Apex software. The agreement is available in a file named agreement.txt located in the Apex installation directory.


Apex documentation


The following documents contain information relevant to Apex:




Apex documentation may be revised after the release of Apex 3.0. To obtain the latest version of the documentation, visit the Apex Documentation Wiki.


Known issues










Upgrading existing applications


You must make the following changes to your existing applications to enable them to work in Apex 3.0.





(index (pick up ?object with ?hand))


(step s3 (start-activity ?hand reaching :duration ‘(3 secs)

:object ?object))


(step s6 (terminate) (waitfor (completed ?s3))))

(defclass reaching (resource-activity) ...)

(defmethod initialize-activity ((act reaching)) ...)

(defmethod complete-activity ((act reaching)) ...)


Replace this code with:



(index (pick up ?object with ?hand))


(step s3 (reach ?object with ?hand taking ‘(3 secs))


(step s6 (terminate) (waitfor ?s3)))


(index (reach ?object with ?hand taking ?duration))

(duration ?duration)

(on-start )

(on-completion ))


In general, the rules for transforming start-activity based code to the new format is as follows (not all are necessarily applicable).